Tadashi Shoji

Spring 2024 is inspired by Elysian shores, a glittering seaside paradise where tidal gardens bloom and sea caves give way to limitless underwater vistas. Dressed in sunset colors with hemlines wet from splashing waves, we seek oceanic beauty that offers endless possibilities of what may come.

Like our destination, silhouettes are imbued with oceanic glamour. Fan-shaped ombréd pleating creates shell-like layers on full-skirted gowns, ruffled volume looks like cresting waves, and a sea-motif embroidery shimmers with beads and sequins like sun stars sparkling on the sea.

Gowns inspired by marine beauty enjoy fantasized details. Two-tone pleated tiers, graduating from dark to light, curl up like white sea spray on ocean-hued dresses, and 3-D flowers with tentacle-like petals adorn styles with craftsmanship evident in cut and fit. Shell-inspired sequined bodices pair with asymmetrical draping to style looks fit for a modern-day Venus emerging from the sea, and beading clustered like Neptune’s pearls, an under-the-sea print, and a scalloped neck-to-waist keyhole neckline speak to sea-goddess detailing.

Spring 2024 is an escape to windswept beauty and sand beneath our feet. It’s a season that indulges us with oceanic splendor so tangible that it would be irresponsible to waste it. So come with us and spend an evening by the sea. Imagine what possibility awaits.