Sami Miro Vintage stands at the intersection of timeless style & fashion responsibility. Founded by creative director & designer Sami Miró, the brand is a beacon of eco-consciousness and ethics, driven by a vision to redefine fashion’s future. Headquartered in Los Angeles, SMV is a black female-owned business committed to its impact on both the planet and people. Sami Miro Vintage’s eco-conscious ethos is woven throughout what the brand stands for and in how it operates. The brand’s supply chain operates within a 30-mile radius of its Los Angeles office, minimizing the company’s carbon footprint. Sami Miro Vintage materials are locally-sourced deadstock, vintage, made from recycled fibers, as well as exclusive sustainable certified fabrications. They also partner with local, family owned production facilities. Miró’s design philosophy is clear: reimagining the ordinary while remaining marketable. Past collections span from essentials like t-shirts and hoodies, to suiting, evening collections and red carpet couture. Sami Miro Vintage is all about creating beautiful, detail-oriented styles that transcend seasons. Most recently, Miró has focused on “Zero Waste” design – through her embrace of the beauty in scraps and the journey of their transformation. Their Zero Waste collection transforms excess, overstock and vintage finishing garments, upcycling them into new silhouettes. A foundation of zero waste design is achieved through reverse engineering & conscious reworking. Celebrating the unconventional shapes of scraps and utilizing all parts of each garment is a fundamental part of Miró’s design process. People, Plant and Purpose are Sami Miro Vintage’s guiding stars. The brand’s steadfast intention revolves around a mission of a “less-waste-is-more-future,” leveraging a more circular design approach that aims to create a conscious path & positive impact upon the industry & our planet. SMV is committed to being a part of that new frontier of fashion; one that has a less negative impact on the planet. Sami Miro Vintage’s journey has been punctuated by notable moments, from collaborations with brands like Levi’s, FWRD, Revolve, Samsung, Nike to becoming a CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund Top 10 Finalist in 2023. Sami Miro Vintage is not just a brand; it’s a movement towards fashion that’s more sustainable, empowering & visionary – that’s shaping a brighter future for the industry and the planet.