In 2003 Demo and Tono meet each other at an after party and they immediately create their fist pair of trousers on the floor while some people were danciang around. Since then they begin working together by creating unique one off pieces and boutique collections and in 2007 the idea of DEMOBAZA came naturally as an online store for limited edition series. Demo is more ‘demo,’ more raw with his turned inside-out stitchings, raw edges, cuts and reconstructed buildings of the clothes which brings that trashy adventurous nomad look. Tono comes with her clean, minimal strong futuristic aesthetics that is very easily recognisable as the future vibe in our style. And that fusion between these two completely different directions shapes the vision of DEMOBAZA. Ever since then Demo and Tono has been the main forces in DEMOBAZA by presenting the brand in numerous showrooms in New York, Milan and Paris and has been developing their product range, sustainable brand direction, concept photography and brand message with every season organically growing the community and generating new dedicated customers worldwide. Their unique instantly recognisable deconstructive futuristic style has been inspiring many costume designers, singers, musicians and creative people around the world who implement DEMOBAZA vision and continue to believe and support the brand for all these years.