Cristina Nitopi

Cristina Nitopi acknowledges her upbringing. My mother, a gifted dress maker, taught me the value of quality craftsmanship and instilled an understanding on quality fabrics. My father taught me the value of business culture and instilled a strength that can overcome any obstacle in the field”. Though the now designer was initially looking to go into a career as a counsellor, she gave up that career to launch her first collection in NYFW, she challenged herself to show the world how she could embrace traditional tailoring in a more modern and innovative method – ultimately creating her own lane in the field. Nitopi’s vision has evolved with each collection. Testing limits with fabrics and tailoring as well as continuously staying ahead of color trends. But as noted in several releases from her most recent collection, Nitopi has raised the bar on what fashion should be like both in couture as well as ready-to-wear collections. She has mastered the understanding that trends are not to be followed but instead created and leaving it up to the wearer. And though she has introduced fast-fashion collections along with her couture pieces, she continues to show us why you cannot compromise on quality. What to expect from the label? “My collections will continue to evolve and expand deeper into the US market.