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Naids Fashion

Naids Fashion

NAID’S is a cultural fashion brand created and owned by Oluwatosin ‘TOSIN” Junaid, born and bred in Nigeria. He’s known for the pride he has in his culture and his love for the motherland. This love keeps him close to home no matter where he is, and that ideal is the foundation of his vision for NAID’S: giving people A TASTE OF HOME and a way to express their cultural identity. He’s been designing for himself since his teen years, dreaming to share his vision with the world.

Well in February of 2019, his dream became reality. NAID’S was established with the mission to revive, reflect and share the African culture with the world by merging the spice of Africa with the trends of the west. This merging provides unique affordable designs that reflect the pulse of our culture. Whether it’s through our “ready to wear” fits or our custom fit designs tailor made for you and your special moment (weddings, proms, award nights, proposals, presentations, etc) we are here to help you tell your story through African style!

If you have a passion for making a statement and standing confident in your identity through authentic unique Afrocentric pieces, then we got you!

We are not just clothes, we are CULTURE. For more info visit; https://naidsfashion.com


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