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MC2 Manufacturing feat Ronaldo Arnaldo

Mc2 Manufacturing’s vision is to “DISRUPT” the healthcare landscape. This vision is put to life by Ronaldo Arnaldo.

 Hence, Mc2 Scrub was born.

In moments of uncertainty regarding our health and futures, we honor and thank the heroes on the frontlines putting their lives at risk to ensure a healthy tomorrow for all of us. These are our doctors, nurses, technicians, transporters, EMTs, pharmacists, and everyone who supports the patient’s care. Our company, Mc2 Manufacturing, makers of PPE products, are giving back by honoring our heroes with a healthcare worker theme fashion show at LA Fashion Week.

The healthcare heroes deserve so much more. This is California, so why do we see the scrubs worn by prisoners, healthcare, and other industries having the same boring vibe? We get it, it has to be functional yet comfortable since it is worn all day long.

However, we need to ‘Disrupt’ this status quo—we can do so much better. Ronaldo Arnaldo envisiones scrubs that will revolutionize the gloomy outlook patients’ have with healthcare workers. Patients need to be able to differentiate prisoners or other industries from their healthcare heroes. These scrubs will inspire confidence in our heroic frontline workers, as their premium quality will complement their special work during this pandemic.  Arnaldo wants to inject fresh ideas into the hospital industry with a Mask Picasso theme. Please see the original hand painted artwork on this page that is drawn on the actual fabric.

Stay tuned as this is only the beginning of Mc2 fashion tailored for these modern-day superheroes. Don’t worry, family, friends, and supporters of frontliners, we got you covered with our street-style scrub designed to ‘disrupt’ the drab today, with exciting tomorrows.

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