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Laura Theiss

Laura Theiss

Based between UK and Germany, Laura Theiss creates timeless knitwear collections.

Born in Lithuania and surrounded by women artisans, Laura Theiss developed a passion for knitting and crocheting as a child. After her studies at Central St Martins, in London, UK, Theiss took her passion to the next level, founding her eponymous label and producing acclaimed collections shown in London and Paris.   Laura is a knitwear designer who has been advocating craftsmanship, sustainability and community values since the start of her brand.

Most of the pieces are hand made and made to order, which means that there is rarely any overproduction. Laura also tries to incorporate leftover yarns from previous collections into her new collection, so there is minimal waste. She does not wish clothes to be perceived as seasonal fashion. Although trends are important, every piece is designed with longevity in mind, timeless style to last a life time.  Each product is made individually by artisan women in Lithuania using traditional skills handed down through generations who transform Laura’s digital designs into precious and unique items to treasure. Knitting gives these women an opportunity to earn some extra money to support their families whilst working from home and doing something they love. There is a rich history behind every piece allowing you to connect with how your clothes are made. By outsourcing her production to this all-female team, Theiss helps the local women to be independent and support their families.

Each collection is an individual and imaginative story that is told through the meticulously crafted pieces. Surrounded by knit and crochet in her home-country of Lithuania, Theiss started to learn the craft from the age of seven and eventually turned her passion and love for knitting into a career.  Fantasy combines in Theiss’ designs with technique: collection after collection she developed a bold signature style, recreating in a modern key traditional crochet and knitting stitches, designing fantastically original pieces for her own label and international clients, bringing knitwear into the future through three-dimensional patterns, highly contrasting textures, striking volumes, and unusual color palettes.  Her creations have been widely featured in exhibitions and publications celebrating contemporary knitwear designers, including the event “Maglifico! 50 Years of Extraordinary Knitwear” organized at Palazzo Morando, in Milan, and the volume Fashion Knitwear by Jenny Udale (Laurence King).

In the tradition of Emilio Pucci, who designed the main motif for the Apollo 15 mission patch in 1971, Laura Theiss created clothing for German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer, flying to the International Space Station on SpaceX Crew-3, the third crewed operational flight of a Crew Dragon spacecraft, on a mission planned for launch on 31st October 2021. Theiss’ polo for Maurer features a 3D-printed ESA logo and QR-Code pointing to the mission page.For more info visit; https://lauratheiss.com



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